Want your very own Huntdown Arcade Machine?



Easy Trigger Entertainment System MKII

Behold the Huntdown Arcade Game! Since the start of developing Huntdown, we had the arcade gameplay experience in mind throughout the process to convey the look and feel of the game. In order to design the ultimate arcade action game, the natural thing was to make Huntdown arcade.

  • 1 or 2 Player Co-Op
  • Responsive Concave Buttons
  • Big Screen 24″ 1080P IPS
  • Double 4″ Coaxial Stereo Speakers
  • Amplifier With Volume Control
  • Coin Operated Mechanism
  • Locking Metal Door With Key
  • Illuminated LED Lightbox
  • Robust Cabinet Construction

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    Entertainment System MKI
    The first prototype MKI, the predecessor of MKII, was a big machine made for events and trade fairs. Two prototypes were made, one is currently playable at Stockholm Museum of Games in Sweden.