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“Huntdown is a rock-solid ten in our book, and this only happens when all the components are basically perfect and come together to make something so great that is impossible to be negative.”

“Huntdown stands as a neon-drenched monument on how to make a contemporary retro game. You might come for its highly stylised 16-bit aesthetic, but you’ll certainly stay for its authentic arcadey mechanics, amusing comedic overtones and unique boss battles.”

“With so many games out at the moment it’s easy to let things slip by, but don’t let Huntdown go under your radar, lest there’s a bounty on your head for doing so.”

“There’s a constant high-quality feel to everything that the game does, from a steady 60 frames per second to the clever level layouts that has you running and gunning, tactically taking cover and searching for a series of stashes in order to attain the maximum awards for each level.”

“One of the best action games we’ve played in years.”

“Huntdown is a delightfully detailed and expertly crafted throwback to old-school run n’ gun arcade shooters.”

“Huntdown is awesome, plain and simple. The action is intense and extremely fun, with big, superb levels, tons of firepower to work with, and a cavalcade of amazing enemy encounters and even more amazing bosses.”

“It feels like an arcade machine from the golden days and includes an excellent two-player co-op.”

“Hunt down Huntdown as fast as you can, because this game is just concentrated action movie goodness delivered straight into your veins.”

“Huntdown is definitely one of the best games I’ve played thus far in 2020. From its simplistic and addictive gameplay mechanics, to the arsenal of weaponry at your disposal, the fact that it’s perfectly balanced, and the unique and challenging bosses makes this game a must play.”

“Innovative gameplay and incredible aesthetics make Huntdown a must play run and gun shooter.”

“Huntdown is, quite simply, one of the best side-scrolling shooters I’ve ever played. Incredible retro pixel art, generous local co-op, a stonking frame rate and an addictive game play loop that had me coming back for more; Huntdown is the total package.”

“This action-packed presentation of explosion, death, and mayhem accumulates into an over-the-top adventure and I couldn’t put it down for a second.”

“The combat is fun, brutal and often funny, the visuals and audio are top notch and each stage is just short enough to keep us feeling like we’re moving along nicely.”

“Huntdown is an excellent addition to the Switch game library. With great performance, it offers frantic action and a futuristic atmosphere inspired by the 80s, and this is very well conducted.”

“Huntdown delivers nail-biting boss battles, exceptional music, a slick design, and fast-paced combat.”

“You won’t need to Voight-Kampff me on this one, the sheer grin on my face will prove I’m human when I play this.”

“There’s something about Huntdown that cannot be conveyed through screenshots or even a trailer.”

“A well-made superb action experience.”

“The developers here have been working on this title for years and I would say it’s well and truly payed off! It takes a genre we all know and love and makes what feels like a bit of a modern classic.”

“Huntdown is a very fun experience, a game that will captivate new and experienced players and make any retro gamer mighty hyped with all its elements.”


“Huntdown was the name – and I love it unreservedly.”

“Heed the warning: Do Not Sleep on Huntdown. It’s an absolute blast.”

“The game is a genre showcase, proving the genre still has room for iteration and uniqueness. When the vision is as stylish in presentation as it is in design, you end up with Huntdown.”

“Huntdown is more than a superb tribute to “run & gun”, it is now an essential of its kind.”

“A classic of the genre, just like Contra.”

“Excellent 16-bit visuals that immediately conjure up feelings of nostalgia. The post-apocalyptic world of the title is excellently crafted, and the character design is memorable.”

“Enjoyable, brash and well designed. Huntdown is a fun action game full of charm and swagger.”

“Huntdown provides a remarkably fun and exhilarating experience, living up to the heyday of the style of game it is trying to emulate, while delivering a top notch, satisfying game on its own merits that even relative newcomers to the genre will enjoy.”

“A lot of action, a crazy story that exists only to contextualize the whole thing, synthesized music, several tributes and lots of fun.”

“Deliciously retro, Huntdown is an old-school run ‘n gun in line with the Contra and other Metal Slug. The Scandinavian developers have put heart into the work and it shows.”

“Huntdown is great for everyone. If you are a fan of movie references, ferocious action or interesting characters, this game will be up your alley. For the retail price, I guarantee you will love this game.”

“The gameplay is simple, but it works perfectly.”

“This is quite frankly, the best mash-up of the 80’s greatest films such as Escape from New York, The Terminator, Robocop, Running Man and Blade Runner.”

“A brilliant reinterpretation of classic side-scrolling shooters that pays homage to the games and movies of the ’80s with a classic 16-bit-style imitation, richly detailed and vibrant beat, even better in local co-op mode.”